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What are the current sites that questions about warfare & military technology are on-topic and asked & answered with some regularity?

Longtime History mod here. I've had the sad duty of counseling users on possible alternate sites for their off-topic questions. I've also hung out a bit on a lot of related sites, so I know a bit ...
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According to "Be part of the community that decides how the sites work" MSE is only about the SE software. Is that correct for 2024?

Any question that has to do with the Stack Exchange family of communities is fair game. IMHO, that's the important sentence; the two bullets below are just examples of that, and not meant to be a ...
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On which site are LilyPond questions on-topic?

It's been about 10 years since this question was asked, so I thought I'd provide an up-to-date answer. Currently, there are 3 sites with a LilyPond tag: Music: Practice & Theory is without a ...
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Where can I find what kind of questions are accepted on specific Stack Exchange sites?

Every site on the Network has a unique On-Topic page in its Help Center outlining specifically what is and isn't within the scope of that particular site. For Cooking.SE, that's https://cooking....
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Where can I find what kind of questions are accepted on specific Stack Exchange sites?

I often joke about SE having statutes, and case law. The help pages should give you an overview of the site. They're mostly fixed - and not that different across sites It feels like you're looking for ...
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