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Search seems to be almost completely broken

Thank you for the report, we deployed some changes at 19:13 UTC. We started to see service degradation in our monitoring software and began investigating internally. At 19:38 UTC we opted to roll back ...
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Please filter out modified posts that a low reputation user cannot see from the questions search report

Over time I have picked up the bag of tricks that exist to find out what was actually modified when a post pops back to the top of the front page. But they're a clumsy, inefficient, unreliable set of ...
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Can I search the posts of a deleted user for specific keywords like I can do with posts from extant users?

There's no easy way to do this. The hard way to do this is to know enough SQL to construct a query, like below, and run it in SEDE: select id as [Post Link] ,body ,owneruserid ,...
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