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New Activity bar in search page stopped appearing on all community sites

For those who experience this problem in the future and none of the steps in the question work: Contact your internet provider and provide all information regarding the StackOverflow website. After I ...
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What is a reliable way to search for URLs containing tilde?

I don't have a perfect answer, but I do have an answer that often works. Just split up the URL: url:goodger This could create false positives. How likely that is depends on the exact ...
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How can I bypass automatic string-tag conversion?

Just wrap your keyword in double quotes: searching for "ukraine" bypasses the tag conversion: though the first hit not tagged [ukraine] takes some scrolling: Why are PiS and Fidesz split ...
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Is there now no logical "OR" operator with the new search engine?

If you are able to limit your search scope well enough (say: within a single tag) you can use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. Here is a query to get you going: Search for 3 OR terms in the Body of ...

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