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The functionality to search by tag synonym is also converted to perform a search by the master tag. Take, for example, markdown-rendering (currently having 193 posts associated with it) which is a synonym of the master markdown (with 1,568 posts associated with it): Clicking on either will show posts under both markdown-rendering and markdown (a total of ...


Search is heavily rate-limited in various ways for anonymous users for performance reasons. Anonymous users get cut off after 500 results and are also limited to three tags when performing tag searches. I believe there were a couple other minor features that are disabled for anonymous users. The sorting options were also disabled at the time, but I don't ...


One way is to do a site-specific search with Google or another search engine. For your example: (foo or bar) and (foo or foobar)


This is now possible with the release of Custom Filters in question lists. The 'Unanswered' tab most closely resembles the 'No accepted answer' option, but 'No answers' might also be worth exploring.


Thanks for the suggestion. This has been fixed. “Smart Quotes” in the search box will now be treated identically as "Regular Quotes".


I made a typo in the search term, and the "Did you mean:" suggestion is displayed with less font size and the bottom of the page. It is difficult to find the suggestion on the screen, can we improve the suggestion position and font size?

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