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After looking through the site list,, don't know where to ask your question on the Stack Exchange Network? Give as much detail as possible about the question you'd like to ask, and the community will help you find the appropriate site. Please phrase your question explicitly as a site recommendation, or it might be closed as blatantly off-topic.

With the vast openness of the Stack Exchange Network, it can sometimes be confusing where exactly a question is supposed to go. If you are unsure after reading site FAQs, and you cannot find an existing question here on Meta, consider asking a new question with this tag.

Spend time on your title! (and question)

Which Stack Exchange should I ask this question on?

is as uninformative as it can be. You want casual readers that know something about the topic you want to ask and are active on the site your question might thrive on to respond with an answer that helps to improve your question, tidy it up, so it will succeed on the target.

Tag usage

Use this tag for:

  • Requests for a recommendation as to which Stack Exchange site(s) would be appropriate to ask a specific type of question on.

Do not use this tag for:

  • Requests for recommendations of third-party resources, such as courses, tutorials, tools, or libraries.
  • Requests for recommendations for places outside of the Stack Exchange network where a certain type of question can be asked.

Keep in mind:

  • Give an example question and title you want to ask. If you're going to be vague, it's not going to be the best advice and you may find yourself in rough seas.
  • Explicitly state that you are looking for a site recommendation in your post body, and enclose your example question in quote markup (>). Not doing so may make others believe you're trying to get an answer here and cause your question to be closed as "off-topic".
  • Not all types of questions belong on a Q&A site, and not everything can find a home here at Stack Exchange.
  • Do some research before asking. It's often helpful to go to, enter some terms in the search bar in the upper-right, check out the sites that show up in the results, and read their help pages. The full list of sites is also available at

Site recommendation FAQs