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Should the word “hay” not be deleted at the beginning of posts, especially on Spanish SE?

I think there's no need at all to remove "hay" from posts, as people use more "hey" than "hay", see this (22.7k vs. 300, emphasis on your very uncommon). It's important ...
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All localized Stack Overflows seem to suffer from a decline to some degree. Why?

The main reason Many websites experience an initial fast growth since the date of their creation. After that there might be a decline in activity which is very normal. The activity decreases ...
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Spanish translation for Greeter hat is incorrect

Updated, thanks for pointing that out! For some general notes on the translation of the Winter Bash site, see my answer here: Winterbash Hats: localized description.
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My edit to remove expletives on a Meta site was reverted and my flag for ♦ moderator attention was rejected. What's next?

Option 1: Drop it Sometimes we think something is a problem, but other people think it is not a problem. When we appeal to an authority to adjudicate such a dispute, they might decide against us. ...
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Deleting suggestions posted as answers when they are implemented: Is this problematic?

This is a common practice. In Spanish SE we do it regularly on Meta for some questions, based on Server Fault's: What are the canonical answers we've discovered over the years?. The key idea here is ...
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International characters (ñ, á , í) used on prompts / email subject on Stack Overflow en español are shown as HTML entities

A fix for this is rolling out in the next build (2020.1.7.35722).
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Is it allowed to customize the required tag-wiki-excerpts and tag-wiki?

Unless the international site has a specific rule requiring tag wikis to be direct translations (which they probably don't), you're free to make a suitable suggestion. In fact, if you were to ...
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All localized Stack Overflows seem to suffer from a decline to some degree. Why?

My 2¢ based on personal experience: all of what Sextus Empiricus said (a QA site start having more views but less interaction over time) plus there is just a lot more info already around in English. ...
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Untranslated strings page is empty

The same question was presented in our community (SO.ja), and the staff received an answer with the following comments. we do not use /translations/missing anymore. Thank you! - Nicolas Chabanovsky ...
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