The short answer is: this is the logo Mozilla sent us in their package of materials for their tag sponsorships (note this logo is also used on firefox-os and html5-apps). To get to the bottom of where this logo comes from, just take a look at the logo for the Mozilla Foundation: If you still don't see it, black out the dino head... ...and from there, I ...


Looks like the "android" sponsorship ended on Dec 31 '19 at 23:59, along with 38 other tags. So, no icon until/unless they renew. I see one active sponsorship on the first page of tags, so the system's still working:


This was a bug resulting from the div being created in anticipation of a tag sponsorship being served from our ad server, but no sponsorship being delivered (typically because it was not renewed or not generated yet). Basically: SO and our ad server did not communicate well when it came to tag sponsorships. It was resolved by (1) allowing us to 'expire' a ...


If I buy a tag sponsorship on Stack Overflow, then even after my ads stop running, will my logo on the tags remain? Of course not. No ad service in the world operates by keeping ads going after the customer stopped paying. This is essentially asking "Will I keep getting the service after I've stopped paying for it?". You can see details of the tag ...


Tags like that are sponsored. That is, the companies behind those products/technologies have paid money to have that logo on them. Even if you'd wish to do so, you could most likely not pay SO/SE to sponsor a specific tag. It would have to be Microsoft (in this case) who decides to do so. Some of the requirements are listed here.


Excellent suggestion, @Lipis! We've reached out to the client with your suggestion and will update here with relevant updates. All updated except for google-cloud-datastore google-cloud-sql ...because they don't currently own those. BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY THOSE NEW LOGOS ARE! :-)


I doubt this is true, primarily because what rene already commented: If that would be possible and the system works as I'm told such tag would only live till 03:00 UTC when tags without questions are removed. That is what we know about how the system works. Going back: I doubt you will ever need having a tag first and then the question. From what I have ...


Historically, the client-side part of the update has just manipulated the in-page HTML - it would have no way of knowing about any special UI elements; however, I'm tweaking it so that the ajax call to save the preferences also optionally renders the element. You'll get an immediate client-side update from the old code, then the actual UI update when the ...


Something on your network (or your ISP/Network Administrators) seems to have blocked access to i.stack.imgur.com, which is where these images are hosted (this is a private instance of imgur that is for Stack Exchange usage only). What likely happened is there is a sweeping ban on *.imgur.com. You need to get access to i.stack.imgur.com in order to see these ...


This is the logo for the Mozilla Developer Network, not the Firefox logo: MDN

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