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Your question looks similar to How should I clean my slate and stucco outdoor patio area? on Home Improvement (a.k.a. DIY Stack Exchange). Their Help Center does mention that (like many other Stack Exchange sites) they don't do product recommendations, so perhaps you have to reword your question a bit.


I have a custom-tailored Chrome extension to bring back the old fonts: CHROME EXTENSION Reverts text fonts to Arial and code fonts to Consolas other customizable settings... turn off all other options if you only need to revert the fonts This was originally developed to revert the formatting changes (specifically the line height change) introduced in ...


This is more or less possible with a Stack Exchange Data Explorer query; I've written one here where it's looking for the word 'this' in your bookmarked questions: Please keep in mind SEDE is updated only once a week, on Sunday morning.

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