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If I understand you correctly, you're not asking for indenting any Code which requires one empty line plus 4 blanks. According the documentation, indenting is not possible so far. You can do either by copy 4 blanks and paste them required times. But you can ask for a feature request. However, I don't expect, that it get's accepted.


I know what a minimal reproducible example is. I will provide the shortest file possible. Despite appearances, SO is not a debugging site. Asking people to post a minimum reproducible example is actually a trick to get people to do their own debugging. If you think you need to post a long sample file, you have probably not got a minimum reproducible example....


It doesn't get any smaller. It does require clicking Show code snippet and then Run code snippet (if the data is really big), click the button and the text in texarea is on your clipboard. // // by Joel Harkes document.getElementById('btn').onclick = function () { ...


The best option might be to post a sample of the file you want in the question - not the whole thing, but enough to get the point across and put the rest on pastebin/ Google docs/whatever. Bear in mind that not many people want to click on links anyway, so this might be the best way of attracting answers.


The following query looks into the PostHistory table and searches for the oldest occurrence of the tag. This query runs without problems on a smaller site, such as Mathematics. However, on SO I got timeout on this query. Here is a modified query which returns at least some results on SO - although it runs for a long time, too. (I will also mention that ...


Your question suggests that a hint should only be offered to all question askers. For users who have the new-contributor-indicator we should offer a tip to stay put for a few minutes, for questions and answers. The goals of the New User Indicator are clear, but they are defeated if someone posts and doesn't check back until hours or days later; often to ...


I created list for this garbage sites, and description how use it in blocker :


The question still has to be of quality before it'd make sense to bring it over from somewhere else. The question in full reads: Hey, Sorry for maybe super basic question but could not find it. What is a correct Pytorch way to encode multi-class target variable? I have > 30 target classes for target variable - like AA, AB, BB, BA, BC .... Should I use ...

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