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Nothing's changed. The point of a bounty is to get attention not an answer. This doesn't necessarily guarantee an answer. Our policies on that haven't changed. If you have the rep, and want the answer you'll just have to keep posting (bigger) bounties until you get it, and see if the extra attention will help. A bounty is best used as a last ditch effort to ...


Stack Overflow for Teams seems to be the the answer, these days. In short: Today’s new thing is called Stack Overflow for Teams. It lets you set up a private place on Stack Overflow where you can ask questions that will only be visible to members of your team, company, or organization. It is a paid service, but it’s not ...


It is incredibly unprofessional to edit any M$ instance to your favor. Honestly, why would you edit an original post? or something you are referencing. Are you offended by M$? How the culture here has become just another censor machine.


We had a couple of web servers that went off the rails. They ran out of threads and resulted in exceptions. We have pulled both servers out of rotation and the exceptions settled down. We're still investigating the root cause of the issue.

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