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Moderator elections in beta sites?

I noticed two new thoughtful answers to this question and, by coincidence, the community team discussed this very issue yesterday. I'm not writing on behalf of the team, but rather summarizing my ...
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Moderator elections in beta sites?

This is a five year old question, with 5 year old answers. At the time those answers made good sense. I wonder if they still do. With the changes and clarifications in the difference between success ...
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Moderator elections in beta sites?

I, too, have noticed this issue on some sites. Moderators are chosen early in beta and, two or three years down the line, the team is unchanged, most of the community wasn't even around then, and ...
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Will there be a Stack Exchange 3.0?

Stack Exchange 2.0 is only "a thing" because of the initial attempt to sell the software/service to corporations. Stack Exchange 2.0 is name given to the sites that come out of Area 51 where new ...
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Replace graduation with an incremental process

This needs to happen, in one form or the other. Due to the big design backlog, sites have been held in the graduation queue for over a year (maybe years in some cases?). We are too big to be beta ...
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Where can I find information on Stack Exchange sites' history, especially regarding early stages in their development?

All of this is (mostly) available on Area 51. For example, one of the older 2.0 sites, Cooking (Seasoned Advice) still has their Area 51 project page: All of the stats you're looking for, including ...
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Which Stack Exchange site has the longest name?

You can leverage the Stack Exchange 2.2 API. It has an end-point /sites that returns all the main and meta sites in the network. In the following userscript that end point is used to fetch all sites ...
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Are Stack Exchange 1.0 Sites still available for creation?

SE 1.0 is dead. Long live SO Enterprise. More or less its the way to run your own Stack Overflow Instance, with all the new shiny stuff like teams. You'd need to talk to sales for exact pricing. If ...
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Regarding reputation change

Try clicking "show removed posts" in the bottom of your rep tab: Anything new you can see?
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Migrate to *any* site?

There are good reasons to keep the current migration policy in tact. However, the current user experience for voting off topic is less than ideal. Users clicking "Off-topic -> This question belongs on ...
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Can questions on mature sites be migrated to beta sites?

This question was asked in 2010 when there were many fewer sites and the lines between them were clearer. Things are different in 2016. I agree with most of this answer -- moderators can migrate to ...
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Can questions on mature sites be migrated to beta sites?

There are actually three issues in your question. Let's start with the premise that migration is a way to address not getting any answer on the original site (regardless of beta status). By Stack ...
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How can I propose a non-English site?

The accepted answer was right when it was posted, but the current situation is that we are not currently accepting new proposals for sites in languages other than English. Whenever we reach the ...
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