I recently changed how some of our variables are passed around, simplifying things and making sure our body and html elements inherit from a single place instead of a super circuitous route. Something may have shifted slightly.


They were not being reviewed as first posts. They were being reviewed as audits. Certain posts are eligible to be automatically selected as "known good" tests that users in those queues need to pass to prove they are paying attention. You can tell that a review was an audit by clicking through to it and looking at its completion: If it were a normal review,...


It was 0 with your upvote (the up button was orange). You clicked the up arrow again which removes your upvote. So, without your upvote, it isn't 0 anymore, now it is -1.


When you comment on a post (question or answer) the poster (asker or answerer) is always pinged automatically. Therefore there is no assistance needed to include their name in order for them to be alerted to your comment. For more about how pinging works see How do comment @replies work?. I trust the now deleted comment of @Catija posted to this answer ...


One solution is given by Minecraft users which might work here too... Use the gooreplacer browser extension to replace www.google.com/recaptcha (blocked in China) with recaptcha.net/recaptcha (not blocked in China).


The bounty was not awarded because you did not manually award it and there was no qualifying answer to award it to automatically. A bounty can only go automatically to an answer that was posted after the bounty was started. From the bounty help page: If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created ...


Submitting a form may be a significant irrevocable action... In some cases this can be mitigated by an easy "undo" option. In the situation you described, you can just edit the post again and improve your suggested edit (the edit itself, but also the edit summary). Yes, somebody (the OP perhaps) might already be reviewing the (half-finished) edit, but only ...


Your hypothesis is correct - there was an active downvote on the question at the time when the deletion checks ran, and the user who cast it was deleted a few months later. Votes by deleted users don't show up in the timeline because, outside of special circumstances, votes are deleted at the same time as the user.


I personally find this behavior useful. It makes sense to me to press Enter upon finishing up my edit summary and have that submit the edit. I don't want to see this behavior go away. As far as your primary complaint with this feature, that you accidentally submit your suggested edits before you finish them: suggested edits aren't final once you submit them....


This was intentionally narrowed. The amount of scanning the eye has to do back and forth horizontally on each row was not ideal. It was making the page's intended use, hiding and showing communities, harder than it needed to be. There’s a sweet spot where folks can more easily read the words.


This change was intentional. They're now aligned with our branded colors. Before it was hardcoded CSS values of green and maroon.


You are tracking the discussion badge: Tracking a badge causes it to be updated much more frequently throughout the day. As people upvote your one post you’ll see the tag score follow suit. However, every other tag follows the normal once-every-24-hours update schedule.


I had this happen using Firefox Android in desktop view with privacy settings enabled, I could see the Captcha Banner but not the checkbox. I disabled "Request Desktop Site" and the page reloaded (blank, so I had to paste my answer in again), then I submitted my answer and the Captcha challenge was not offered.

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