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Indicates that the behavior described in a bug report is intentional and not subject to change.

A bug report is considered "by design" if, after review of the detailed erroneous behavior, it is determined that the behavior is desirable to keep in place rather than fix. This is independent of whether or not the behavior was formerly known to the site developers prior to the time of the report - the important thing is that the behavior will not be altered because its current behavior is preferred.

This tag should only be used on bug reports reporting what is purported as erroneous behavior but is actually intentional behavior, or where the current behavior is being retained for design or philosophical reasons. For a feature request that addresses a behavior that the asker believes to be erroneous but is intentional, or for a bug report that is valid erroneous behavior but the team has declined to fix for technical or performance reasons (not design or philosophical reasons), should be used.

Status tags can only be applied by moderators and site developers.