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I recently changed how some of our variables are passed around, simplifying things and making sure our body and html elements inherit from a single place instead of a super circuitous route. Something may have shifted slightly.


One problem of this approach is that, on meta sites down votes/low reputation doesn't mean bad Q/As since downvotes here often mean different opinions. You get low reputation and be forbidden to answer protected questions, etc? For example: User 1: Have 1 Q/A on a meta which earns 1 upvotes, then user 1 can answer protected questions. User 2: Have 10 Q/A ...


This was caused by a race condition. Two users happened to cast a sixth spam flag on the post at exactly the same time, which caused the system to process all the resulting actions twice for the post because neither process knew anything about the other process already running.


It turns out that there are two different thresholds one for main sites (6 months) and another for metas including MSE (12 months). We run a script once per month which means in some cases the period might happen to be almost 7 and 13 months respectively. The fact that the edits were rolled back is entirely incidental.


Eh... The snippet editor itself should never produce output like this... You have to go out of your way to trigger it, at which point it looks completely broken in the editor preview: If your goal is to make your post look weird or broken, you can do that in many ways. And if you really want to involve snippets, you can get a hell of a lot crazier than just ...


We intentionally ignore hyphens when searching for matching tags to make it easier for users to find relevant tags. There are a lot of situations out there where not everyone agrees on the use of a hyphen within a word or phrase, and users should not need to deal with the question of whether or not to include the hyphen in order to find the tag they need. ...


Looks like the "android" sponsorship ended on Dec 31 '19 at 23:59, along with 38 other tags. So, no icon until/unless they renew. I see one active sponsorship on the first page of tags, so the system's still working:

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