Couple of things blew up here and it took a little while to isolate and repair the fallout, so sorry for the delay. We had a (successful!) SQL failover in the wee hours of this morning but, for the brief period of time that the application was failing over, a number of duplicate events were written to a service that we call the "aggregator". This ...


This is now live. Please post all further feedback/bug reports/requests as answers to this post We are going to be addressing this in the very near future, employing the new user card badges that were just released in Stacks to decorate staff and mod display names on Meta sites. When this change goes live, on all Meta sites (including MSE): Mod diamonds ...


The underlying mechanic here was fixed a while ago, probably a couple of years. But it can only be fixed per-user manually when we know it needs to be fixed. I've run the fix for you, and the question no longer appears on your profile. If anyone else who had a post disassociated many years ago still sees it on their network profile, please contact us.


As mentioned on MSO, this is fixed. I shipped a change yesterday that allowed users to return to their skipped LQP tasks, and boy did I let them go back to them. Basically, I fixed the "can a user review this post" sub-query to support returning to skipped posts, but the "give me the next post for a user" query was depending on that to ...


This will be fixed in the next build. We were already excluding these posts in audits that explicitly dealt with offensive content but not in other queues that might need it. I've copied the filtering conditions to the remaining queues.


This will be fixed in the next build. Each queue has a general filter to exclude non-skip reviewed tasks when picking new ones, but a handful of queues have cross-validation on post ID. The apparent thought is that we don't want the reviewer handling the same post in multiple queues. (For example, the same post could end up in First Posts and Late Answers.)...


This has been fixed as reported on es.meta. When generating the hot meta questions sidebar on non-English sites, we will now fetch the list of synonyms starting with status- and exclude posts with the target tag.


As Dean estimated things would be back to normal by now, I have to say things are not lining up for me yet. See this screenshot for example: My achievements box shows 130 rep for the day, while my profile shows that I'm rep-capped at 200.

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