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It depends on a certain timeline item type rendering a date block which had an errant translation in there. I've manually corrected the bad entry for now and we'll look at how to guard against it happening later - it shouldn't be allowed to happen but here we are so we'll look at improving that. For the curious, it was ultimately calling .Day instead of ....


We had a couple of web servers that went off the rails. They ran out of threads and resulted in exceptions. We have pulled both servers out of rotation and the exceptions settled down. We're still investigating the root cause of the issue.


I've checked the data you were sent and your votes and markdown content are in the UserVotes.json, PostVotes.json and PostHistory.json files. However we had a bug that prevented any data being generated for meta sites (except I've just fixed that and it is being deployed to production shortly. I've also brought up some of the ...


Sorry about that. I just pushed a fix and it will be deployed with the next production build (at this rate, should be sometime tomorrow morning.)


We send some read-only traffic to one of our secondary SQL Servers. It got a bit unhappy with lots of queries trying to hit it and we ended up with some blocking on the server. I killed a bunch of sessions that were being blocked and things have settled back down. The pages should load again now that SQL is no longer angry.


As of the most recent update (the "April" one that was actually posted in May), this has been fixed:


Got it! This was a whitespace issue that I was having trouble reproducing in our dev environment. Thanks for reporting this! It'll go live after the next build, whenever that is!


This has been status-completed 6-8 years ago: To see your own ones (faster than auditing your reputation), just follow this link:

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