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Indicates that the request has been satisfied through the implementation of a feature or the fixing of a bug.

A feature request or bug report is typically considered completed when a feature or bugfix is added that addresses what was reported. Usually these are implemented in accordance with what is requested - however, an alternate solution that still solves the same problem/concern will still be considered completion.

This tag may also be applied if an unrelated bug fix or feature change addresses the report, such as if a later feature change makes the bug report obsolete (e.g. a bug reporting a grammar error in text that is later removed).

If the resolution involved a code change, this tag may be added when the changes are pushed into source control, even if the code hasn't been deployed to the public sites yet (i.e., "this has been fixed and will be out in the next build"). Actual deployment generally happens once every business day. If the build isn't scheduled to be deployed until a long time later (e.g., due to a weekend or holiday), or the build was attempted to be deployed but couldn't due to a technical issue, the tag should be used instead.

Red status tags can only be applied by moderators and site developers.