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This should be resolved. We have increased the error logging in the tag engine to capture if this happens again, but as a part of the move to .NET Core all of the tag engine is being replaced and is actually in the process of rolling out. We'll be monitoring the rollout of the new code and hopefully will spot this if it happens again.


Update (2019-7-15): A new tag engine build has been deployed and .NET Core is back in rotation. The tag engine port had one critical bug in it: for Teams (or Channels - that's our infrastructure name), we filter which sites we're going to reload. It's simply not practical to load the delta for thousands of "sites" if they haven't changed. As an optimization ...


I can confirm the behavior claimed in the OP happening. Right ATM when I viewed the above question (again), and clicked at the Questions link, it wasn't listed at the homepage of Meta Stack Exchange. I also noticed that this recently happens with other sites at the SE network. I believe there must have been some recent change regarding the visibility of ...


I just fixed this. I'd accidentally left emboldened font in a rule for all of these elements in our less file instead of just for the ones with the unread-item label. It was something I'd put in during testing to figure out where the put the rule on the unread-items label but I forgot to take it out after. Sorry! Thank you all for finding it quickly so I ...


Ok, this is fixed - all comment flags will be henceforth ignored for the purpose of this check, along with any "in need of moderator intervention" flags raised on the post itself (that exception already existed). Thanks for pointing this out; by my estimation this was probably responsible for around 700 invalidated reopen reviews on Stack Overflow alone, ...


With the new Moderator Dashboard, this is now status-completed; the comment is shown with a clickable timestamp, just like on the normal Q&A page.


This is building out now. This was an oversight when revamping some other elements of the UI. But... Shog pointed out that hash-linking also broken in a variety of cases so I worked up a better solution. Now, Question, answer, and comment links in the bar point to the canonical URL, like they do in the dashboard but we have JavaScript intercept with the ...


The link has been updated to the correct URL. Thanks for reporting this!


Jane implemented a fix for this last week: these checks are now only run when a qualifying answer is deleted (spam or new-user post).


We added a few new activity types to the database for other purposes today, and neglected to revise the query and code that handles the activity list. We probably don't want to pull down every upvote and downvote here (it's your public list of activities...) and the code certainly wasn't expecting them to come back from the DB... But we were, and so the code ...


This is building now. I made an incorrect assumption about the DOM hierarchy around the site switcher, that didn't apply in the mobile topbar.


This is building now. Mobile doesn't absolutely position its topbar dialogs, so it didn't take kindly to the modal being shoved between the two elements.


This is building out right now. I had to tweak the code to pass a number around instead of a string, and I mistakenly replaced rep.IsNullOrEmpty() with rep == 0 instead of rep <= 0.


This is fixed. I made some accessibility related improvements to the topbar (tabbing and screen readers) which involved moving where in the DOM we placed the topbar. To ensure control flowed from the button to the dialog it generated, the dialog needed to appear between the current and the next button in the DOM. The simple solution was $dialog....


Calling this done - I added the question count to tags with a single question, and if you're happy with that, I'm happy as well. :)


This seems to be status-completed now.

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