This is actually possible, it's just... Super non-intuitive and weird, because the tool you'd use was meant for something entirely different. Here's the trick: you gotta convert the answer to a comment, and choose the option to move comments on the answer with it. This lets you select an arbitrary post as the destination - so, another answer or the ...


This simply isn't possible. That particular system is entirely IP-based which means that it's not necessarily always something you did and not always even a post that caused the block. We cannot possibly show you what is causing the block.


I made a table using $\LaTeX$ $$\begin{array}{c|ccccccc|} \lambda & (5)& (4,1)& (3,2)& (3,1,1)& (2,2,1)& (2,1,1,1)& (1,1,1,1,1)\\ \hline d_{_\lambda} & 1& 4& 5& 6& 5& 4& 1\\ \end{array}$$ as given here (coming from here). But to no avail. Ending up using the MathJax FAQ on OR.Meta.SE. ...

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