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183 votes

Ban ChatGPT network-wide

I'd advocate for a hard line on this. Something that's utter random garbage is actually less harmful than almost correct garbage that needs an expert to work out. If you're using the output of a ...
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157 votes

Please don't refer to 2019 as 'a great year'

There is no conspiracy, and this is not reflective of faceless corporate messaging from on high. I literally just used the copy from last year. No one else was involved here. I am not trying to give ...
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73 votes

Ban ChatGPT network-wide

Let me back this up and look at the broader picture here. We're about to enter a time that Star Trek once hinted at, but is now here and ready for your use: artificially generated content. The ...
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54 votes

Allow us to vote to delete from the Android app

This is important - but, more importantly, the app should really let users delete their own posts. This is particularly relevant because self-deletion is usually something that's assumed that other ...
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51 votes

Can we translate the description of Epiphany back to English?

The purpose of the hat, and of the writing is to entice you to google it and discover the Italian tradition of the Befana - the poem is in Italian and there's no unequivocal English translation to ...
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45 votes

Ban ChatGPT network-wide

I believe any AI-generated content needs to be banned network-wide, because it is an attribution/plagiarism nightmare scenario Some of the other answers have focused on the difficulties with ...
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42 votes

Restrict moderator tools that allow mass dumping of user emails

Please, do not break this tool. I use it all the time because it is the only tool that lets me find users by patterns. I can’t count the number of sock networks I’ve cracked wide open with this tool. ...
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36 votes

Prevent questions on the Hot List from being upvoted by casual visitors (only rep is from association bonus)

I pretty much agree. The way it currently works, HNQ undermines the whole way the reputation and badge system works. As a recent example, on the site at which I'm the most active, my most upvoted ...
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36 votes

Can we remove the 5 second rate limiting on comment flags?

As a moderator I would rather see atomic flag groups -- a way to indicate that several comments are part of the same "incident", with mods able to handle them together. (This is what you suggest in ...
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35 votes

How do I dismiss the new cookie popup that appears on the site?

Here’s a uBlock Origin filter to disable it: ...
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34 votes

Explicit "do not award bounty" button

I'm not convinced by the arguments for opposing/declining this feature request Downvoting isn't a good tool to combine with bounties. I don't disagree. But I don't see how it relates to this ...
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33 votes

"Post-it" badge for totally epic comments

Comments are second class content here - as you know comments are liable to be removed at a drop of a hat, they are ephemeral and should not be considered to have any permanence or importance. As ...
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31 votes

Ban ChatGPT network-wide

I fully support network-wide AI ban. A permanent one. For now, the most prominent issue with AI answers is that they are mostly incorrect. Because they look like well-written elaborate answers they ...
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29 votes

The auto-comment “Does this answer your question?” generated when voting to close as a duplicate is sometimes confusing

I am not a fan of users having their comments changed without prior warning. Personally, I'm ok with the new wording for my own comments. It more-or-less serves the same goal I have when voting to ...
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28 votes

Please don't completely remove the mobile website, for the benefit of users on slow connections

Re animuson's comment. I will say that this is incredibly unlikely to happen. Responsive design was always meant to replace mobile web from day one, and that plan was explicitly mentioned in the ...
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27 votes

Expose Vote History "Given To" data to each user

It's part of the moderator tools so that moderators can investigate voting fraud when informed of it. There are some pretty significant restraints on who is shown, and those are likely to increase ...
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27 votes

Would having a romantic relationship matching feature be worthwhile?

This… is a pretty terrible idea. It adds nothing to the core QA experience, and doesn't serve the core goals of SE. It doesn't help add to the knowledge base, and is kind of the lowest common ...
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27 votes

Markdown for ticks and crosses

You could just use Unicode characters: ☑ ☑ or ☑ ☒ ☒ or ☒
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26 votes

Add option to hide contributor indicator completely

As a workaround for until this is implemented (if ever), you can add the rule to your favorite ad blocker to hide both the indicator beneath the usercard and in the ...
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25 votes

Prevent questions on the Hot List from being upvoted by casual visitors (only rep is from association bonus)

I support this. I've been on the receiving end of this a lot on The Workplace. Sometimes I write a super innocuous and not that spectacular answer, and it ends up somewhere insane like +200 within a ...
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25 votes

Opt out of moderator election notifications

We have a long list of things users would like to be able to ignore, and things that users would like to be notified of instead. But until we develop some way to filter them out without just adding a ...
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25 votes

Stack Exchange app iPhone X optimization

TL;DR: When active app development resumes, this will be a top priority, but there's really no timeline for when that will happen. Unfortunately, even for an app like ours which supports a wide ...
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25 votes

To improve first poster experience, can questions have a suspend state before they can be voted for close?

We've actually already tried doing something like this via an "on hold" state. While that change was active, closed questions would instead show as "on hold" for the first five ...
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25 votes

Ban ChatGPT network-wide

With due consideration, we've decided no network-wide, general policy regarding banning ChatGPT, or other AI generated content, is necessary or helpful at this time. However, as detailed in answer to: ...
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24 votes

Why automatically upvoting all answers with 0 votes by users with a reputation >10000 is a bad idea

No, this a bad idea. It violates one of the general Stack Exchange principles: Vote for the content, not for the user. I'm not sure if there are any hard facts about this, but my gut feeling says ...
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24 votes

The answer box should not be at the bottom

It should definitely be at the bottom. Suppose I have a brilliant answer in mind (granted, it does not happen that often), but upon reading the other answers, I see that my point is already covered in ...
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23 votes

Display a "Happy Birthday" message when a user logs in on their birthday

I'd like to shed a little light on the recent tagging of this post as status-declined. In May 2018, in order to comply with GDPR, SE removed all references to age and birth dates from their system: ...
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23 votes

Hide previously suspended nominations unless approved by Community Managers

I agree with Blue, in that it's "unfair and unprofessional to make previously suspended candidates fill up their nominations and answer the gigantic questionnaire, and then tell them that they're ...
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23 votes

Usability issue: Comment voting policy negatively affects people with minor tremor

A suggestion: make the triangle to the left of a comment insensitive to touch for a couple seconds after it is touched, in all cases. Currently, as Ellen said, if you tap the triangle multiple times ...
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23 votes

Ban ChatGPT network-wide

I asked this question directly to ChatGPT (the text of the OP's question): Use of ChatGPT generated text for posts on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned. However, the reasons for the ban really ...
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