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19 votes

Please enable hotlinking to images hosted under

Unfortunately, this is a decision we are very unlikely to reverse wholesale. We made this decision for a variety of technical and social reasons - and those realities are unlikely to change. I do at ...
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Badge suggestion: HATER, LOVER, and FAIR AND BALANCED

This site is about posts, not people so we really shouldn't be encouraging targetting of individuals like that. That's only one small step from serial-voting, which is not allowed. Hater is pretty ...
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11 votes

Attempt to change high contrast option for Community user leads to an empty popup notice

You may notice that the "Settings" tab has been removed from the Community user's profile, so you have to hit the URL directly to even get to that page. I haven't locked down the specific ...
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9 votes

Preserve image transparency when resizing images

This has now changed to being status-completed as a result of the migration from Imgur to the new internal image host. The new image host properly retains transparency on resizing images, not only ...
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9 votes

Word is placed on a new line even if there's enough space on the old line

We (the team maintaining the Stacks Editor) decided to mark this issue as status-declined because it is likely a regression introduced in the latest versions of WebKit. This behavior is reproducible ...
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9 votes is missing IPv6 DNS resolution

Unfortunately, this proposal would be more work than it seems. It would take a nontrivial amount of time to set up, and we currently do not have the engineering time available for this. (Granted, ...
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7 votes

Prevent questions from being tweeted onto the site's Twitter account if they are removed from Hot Network Questions

Thanks for raising this up! Though we marked this as status-declined the reason is due is to us stepping away from automatically posting Stack Exchange content to Twitter. Catjia has done a fantastic ...
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7 votes

Attempting to ask a question on Area 51 Meta changes my profile picture

I’ve updated the status to declined. This issue isn’t impeding community members from participating in Area 51 so it’s not a priority. I know this isn't an ideal state but wanted to be transparent ...
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4 votes

Pagination on search is broken

This functionality is crucial in some cases of investigating spam or abuse. I have therefore created a userscript to correct the functionality. See the Stack Apps post: Fix for the network search ...
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4 votes

Let us view our deleted comments

Yes, I agree - This needs to be reviewed again. Users should be able to view all their deleted comments in their profile (just as we can view our own deleted questions and answers). A good place to ...
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Some JavaScript seems to not work: Can't ask questions and new editor not loading

As noted on, Safari 16 is not supported. At this time we have no plans to resume supporting Safari 16.
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3 votes

Please ditch the five-minute window on comment editing

At least allow people to complete their edits, i.e. if I started to edit after four minutes, and the edit took two minutes, allow it to go through even though it's one minute after the edit window. ...
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1 vote

Duplicate answers should be blocked rather than just flagged

Thank you for putting this proposal together, and for your patience. Our team has considered this and we are opting to move it from status-deferred to status-declined. What’s proposed here is an ...
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