Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

A feature request or bug report is considered declined if the report is reviewed and the site developers disagree that the feature should be implemented or the bug should be fixed.

In the case of bugs, this usually comes up because the bug is not caused by the software that powers the sites themselves - such as if the problem is with the browser being used. If it would be more effective for the developers of the browser or tool causing the problem, the report will generally be declined. This is also the case if the bug is specifically caused by a browser or tool that is unsupported by the sites.

It can also come up if the bug report is determined to be valid (i.e. not ), but the team has decided not to fix the bug for technical or performance reasons, i.e. that fixing the bug would lead to further performance issues or introduce other bugs. The team can also decline to fix a bug if the current (not as per design) behavior is considered preferred and the design is to be changed to accommodate it, though the tag is preferred for that case.

In the case of feature requests, this usually comes up if the request is counter to site philosophy, if the request is attempting to change behavior that is intentional or even encouraged by the system, or if the request creates greater complexity or problems in the system than it successfully solves. It can also come up if the request has merit but community members disagree with implementing it.

Status tags can only be applied by moderators and site developers.

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