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Suggestion: exclude the author from the pool of edit review candidates to limit bias?

Blocking post authors from reviewing edits on their own contributions won't solve any of your described problems, for 2 reasons: The author has significant, if not final, say in how the post is ...
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Shouldn't it be "this post" instead of "your post" while editing someone else's post?

It's been over a year, so I'd like to post an update. The wording of the error message has been changed since then: Please add some context to explain the code sections (or check that you have not ...
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How many suggested edits have been overturned and by whom?

The Stack Exchange Data Explorer can answer most of this; note that it does not make a distinction between authors and moderators overriding a review outcome, and it does not contain the UserId of the ...
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Don't let people who are suggesting edits run into a dead end street

Maybe there shouldn't be a limit. Users seem to increase and so do edits. Editing an answer shouldn't get you out of your work-flow but if one has to wait it does. Or one might forget to send the ...
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