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21 votes

Profile picture missing on Super User

I will accept 100% responsibility for this one, acting on my own and inadvertently skirting the boundaries of the well-organized project to transition from Imgur to our own service. TL;DR As part of ...
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13 votes

What is the difference between Super User and Web Application Stack Exchange 'groups'?

Super User handles "question about computer software or hardware", while Web Applications handles "question about web applications". When it is about browsers handling websites/web ...
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5 votes

I don't know if a question about computer appliances belongs in Super User stack

Examining SuperUser's on-topic questions as well as their 'don't asks', as long as you ask an objective question about whether Thunderbolt enabled USB-C can perform the task you desire, it should be ...
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5 votes

The problematic of inter-language migrating, the difficult of communication and my personal case

There are a few issues here — there are quite a few sites that could be a good fit, and I don’t really know the norms of the sites other than my own. It’s not really a Super User question though — SU ...
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5 votes

Where should I post a Windows PowerShell question?

Windows PowerShell is a programming language, which is exactly what Stack Overflow is for. If you have a good question and show your research effort, your best bet will probably be SO. Super User ...
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4 votes

Super User versus Unix & Linux versus Ask Ubuntu

It's kind of like a hierarchy of increasingly narrowing scope. Super User Stack Exchange is the widest: includes questions for all computers and operating systems, including hardware and software (...
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4 votes

Why can't I report a bad answer on Super User?

Flagging requires reputation because we do not want every newly registered user to be able to flag. As @rene says, it takes a while to know what needs to be flagged and what not (even 15 reputation is ...
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