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This tag is used in requests for blocking one or more tags on this site, Meta, from ever being used again. Be sure to also include the tag [meta]. For general questions about the tag blocking feature, use [blocked-tags].

Blocking a tag prevents anyone from ever using that tag on a question, or editing a question which currently uses such a tag without removing it.

Tags must be "quite bad" to be blocked. Generally, these are tags that could never convey any useful information, or are actively harmful to the site. Because of the potential consequences of getting something wrong, only staff members are able to block tags on a site.

Note: This tag here on this site should only be used to request that one or more tags here on this site, i.e. Meta Stack Exchange, should be blocked. Use this tag along with when making such a request. Requests to block tags on another site in the network should be posted on the respective per-site meta for that site. Prior to the in April 2014, this site used to accept such requests for Stack Overflow tags; however, these are no longer accepted here today.

See The Death of Meta Tags for a discussion of what makes a tag good or bad.

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