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Tags column of Posts table changed delimiter format. Many historical queries broken. Special tag rendering also broken

This is fixed; sorry for any inconvenience. What happened An inefficient scalar function that took a flattened list of tags and swapped it from one denormalized form (|tag1|tag2|) to another (<tag1&...
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What should we do for the tag [meta-reputation]?

Per site metas do actually have their own 'secret' reputation system, and people do get confused when they get badges for things like repcapping on a per site meta. There's a handful of badges that ...
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New tag for the internal image hosting

I think part of it is — it's a very soft launch, and no one knows what it's called. I'd favour stack-exchange-image-hosting personally. This would distinguish that it's an internal host, what the ...
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New tag for the internal image hosting

My suggestion: image-hosting is pretty generic and self explaining itself, however might be seen as referring only to the hosting part, not processing the image for example. Still, the best I can ...
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Only add the "edited by" label for big changes, and not "Edit tags"

Having a box under the question is not particularly distracting for most people, and is no more/less distracting whether there was a tag edit or a major edit. I still find having a link to the ...
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Position of tags when reading questions

I can't understand why this hasn't been done yet — for me, tags provide context that's sometimes vital to fully understand a question! Some comments here seem to be relevant only to particular ...
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