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Add thousands separator to numbers in the Badges and Tags sections

We still don't have commas on the tag pages, but the badges page now uses a 'x.xk' format: Though the people who have 1k+ of a single badge do still have the same issue: So I guess 1/3 of the issues ...
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Tags should be markable as obsolete, and opted out of being suggested for new questions

Ah this is one of those 'clever' workarounds that people do when the system doesn't have some needed functionality. People are careless in tag use. Sometimes we need to clear out/burninate an existing ...
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There is a problem with the [problem-user] tag

Well, I'm an oldschool mod, and I learnt we don't deal with problem users, we deal with problem behaviours. I think synonymising abuse to problem users feels 'better' than behaviour, since behaviour ...
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How can I find the tag wiki for a tag that has been synonymized with another?

Here are a couple SEDE queries which return: Tag wiki & excerpt for synonymized tags In order to get the contents of a synonymized tag's wiki or excerpt, you are interested in the "...
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