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If you don't mind inaccuracies due to posts that have been deleted, the following query might give you an answer you can work with: ;with taghistory as ( select id , creationdate , userid as [User Link] from posthistory where posthistorytypeid in (3,6) and text like '%<##tag##>%' ), toptag as ( select min(creationdate) as [created] from ...


No, there is no such way. The unofficial documentation doesn't list such a method, and if you check which websockets are active on a page showing the search results for [tag X] or [tag Y] you'll see it subscribes to two separate tag feed websockets: The way you describe is also the way I do it for a system which notifies me of potentially interesting ...


With the addition of custom-filters there is another way to be able to do this. Going in the custom filter page and filter by the following tags: not python and python-3.x or not python and python-2.x. This will create this filter. Credit goes to @Laurel.


I have the same issue, Try to switch to traditional editor. It worked for me. How to switch to traditional editor: Ignore, tag and title sections, when you are asked to input your question, there is a little button at right upper corner, click on it.


Turns out the issue is with a Chrome Extension called OneTab which I had. After removing it, everything works fine.


Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be implemented in our current localization model (unless we take on a broader project of providing true, multi-national support with language-switching throughout the entire site and network). Despite its outward appearance, Esperanto SE is still an English-language site whose subject just happens to be learning another ...


This would also be a nice way to allow the creation of bilingual tags or multi-lingual of the form "<name in one language> — <name in other language>", e.g. "muziko — music" (or similar – A site wanting to use the feature that way would have to come up with some convention) In my opinion, such a representation of tags would greatly benefit ...


Calling this done - I added the question count to tags with a single question, and if you're happy with that, I'm happy as well. :)


At the time of the writing of this answer, that post is 12th in the list of "active" posts in angular, given that 11 other posts have had activity since your edit. If you're sorting by some other metric, such as newest, then it's probably not going to be near the top.


As a mod? No. There's literally no utility that an extra tag gives. Off topic is off topic. We have reasonably workable processes in place as is to handle them. Not all these posters could be new and there's different reasons behind them. An omnibus tag dosen't help. The status quo, tagwise works fine. The off-topic with appropriate additional tags is ...


I think we should use the existing off-topic tag, and that we shouldn’t be tagging questions that we are trying to get rid of. The purpose of a tag is not to explicitly describe every aspect of a question, but group like questions together (in my opinion). If the question is about new users posting unsuitable questions off-topic and new-users seems fine. ...

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