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Yes, this is fine. Users with access to moderator tools (10k on full-blown sites, 2k on beta sites like Earth Science) even have a special tool for this: Inline tag editing Finally, you now have the ability to do inline tag edits on questions: a new "Edit tags" link will appear next to the tags on every question; clicking it brings up an inline ...


Yes. In fact, part of the 10k privilege (2k on beta sites) is inline tag editing, designed to make this even easier:


No, Spam needs to be flagged. Period. There is no need to add a tag edit close vote down vote leave a comment Users doing that should be told they are wasting their and our time. If posts linger for too long, jump in chat, either the per site chat room, Charcoal HQ or the Tavern


multiple is no more. It was great to see some old and valueless closed posts were deleted during the burnination, as well as some duplicate closure. As always, the work put in by the multiple users who helped is appreciated!


The Stack Exchange Data Explorer can help, but requires you to write some SQL. Useful when comparing a large amount of tags or sites, but the site search can do a lot too, if you use advanced search options. Let's take the [pharmacology] tag on Biology as an example; you've probably already found out it has 384 questions. How could one gather the statistics ...


The tags themselves are deleted if they have no questions left. That's not the issue you are seeing, though. The tags list actually does two queries. It gets all Tags in the database and then also appends all TagSynonyms in the database, manually setting the Count for all of them to 0. It may seem weird for that to happen, but this is done intentionally to ...

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