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The Teachers' Lounge is a chat room only accessible to the Stack Exchange Network's moderators.

NOTE: if you're a ♦ moderator, there's more information in the Help Center; add /help/mod-tl to the URL of your site's homepage, e.g.

The primary purpose of the Teachers' Lounge is for moderators to obtain peer review, and staff advice, related to moderation, when that may not be available from within their own per-site moderator chat rooms.

The Teachers' Lounge has several special features, such as a "whois" bot. This allows moderators to send a "whois <site> mods" message, and receive a list of that site's moderators with information on which of them, if any, are present in the room.
Users can also use special commands to send notifications to all moderators of a specific site.

The Teachers' Lounge is moderated by elected Room Moderators, who are periodically elected via a process on the Stack Moderators instance of Stack Overflow for Teams. Aside from the elected Room Moderators, moderators do not have access to the standard moderator tools for the Teachers' Lounge outside of being able to edit their own messages after an unlimited period of time.

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