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The black bar across the top of every Stack Exchange site.

These are all the links that appear in the top bar, from left to right:

  • About Stack Exchange
  • Search box
  • User profile link (or login)
  • Inbox
  • Reputation change indicator or the
  • Review queues (for users with the access to review queues privilege)
  • Accessor to the tour, help center, meta, about Stack Overflow the company, and business
  • Stack Exchange button to switch sites, log out, go to meta, etc

In the Year of 2013, on the precipice of December 4, a newly designed top bar swept the Stack Exchange network. It's black and uniform across all sites.

In February 2017, the new top-bar (white, and taller than the previous one) was rolled out on Stack Overflow and its localized variants. Other Stack Exchange Q&A sites followed in October 2017; the top bar remained black and is smaller than on Stack Overflow, but some of the elements were repositioned. Now, only a few sites still have the old top bar, like, SEDE and Area51.

Most elements of the top bar also have separate tags to use:

  • For questions about the Stack Exchange button drop-down, use instead.

  • If your question relates to the search box in the top bar, remember to include .

  • For questions about the reputation change indicator, aka achievements dialog, use .

  • Questions about the global inbox can use .

  • There is currently no tag for the review queue accessor, but for questions about reviewing in general you can use .

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