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Account creation on Stack Overflow + Email verification

I'd say with a decade and change since this question was asked - we've had more trouble than use out of people using these accounts. That they might be blocklisted due to abuse aside, if you're a ...
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Stack Overflow announcement profile

I actually think this would be very useful. Not so much to protect employee rep, but more to make it clear that announcements are official. We have loads of important posts all over MSE that were ...
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Stack Overflow announcement profile

It's been suggested in the past I believe and I'd argue that to an extent, it's a very bad idea precisely because it shields a staff member from votes in either way. While some parts of the company ...
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math : "log in" button does not work

Found the issue (looking at the Firefox inspector as suggested by @rene). It was a cookie issue. I had configured Firefox to auto reject cookies from I may worth a ...
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Regressed Issue: some Stack Exchange sites that are not registered by me but shown in “my community” and can be accessed by me

OK, that'll do it. The account has been fixed. The good news is that this was a one-off, and not a systemic issue. We're going to meet to discuss prevention of future issues, etc, this week. I ...
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