This doesn't seem necessary to me. The short reason that's displayed if we write a message based on one of the templates is accurate, so there's no need to change that. If we write a custom message not based on a template, there's a bunch of things it could be about that aren't necessarily bad things. That said, if we're also suspending for something, there ...


I’m not convinced this is necessary. In fact, I think it would be detrimental. For example, no answers in the past year plus on ELU Meta scored -8 or lower. ELU Meta isn’t really a high-activity site (though the main site is). The same is almost true of RPG Meta, which I think gets more traffic (or at least votes). (Compare for example the difference ...


I would close this request as the room was renamed today to INACTIVE Teachers' Lounge. (I seen Em C's comment too late, but it was renamed again today, so I happened to see the change (2020-05-27)) It's now easy to spot the correct room, no more error possible. nb, I agree I should have filled my bug report as a suggestion for a name change instead.

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