Split difference, showing the raw up and downvotes on a post. Cracked open at 1000 reputation, except here on Meta.SE, where it's 100.

The vote count shows the total upvotes and downvotes cast against a post that together show the aggregate net value. This is in contrast to the vote score, which simply shows the upvotes minus the downvotes and is shown by default on all posts.

Activate the vote counts by clicking on the votes showing between the upvote and downvote icons.

For example, if a post shows a score of 10, clicking that may show you the real velocity, which could be 12 upvotes and 2 downvotes, or any other combination as the mathematics allow.

Before viewing vote counts After viewing vote counts

This privilege is unlocked when your account gains access to the Established User privilege (awarded at 1000 reputation on graduated sites).

As of June 2020 the reputation needed to see vote counts on Meta Stack Exchange was lowered to 100 reputation.