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Let's not vote-to-close staff announcements that we disagree with (please?)

There's a few things on meta culture that annoy me - and while this is one of them, I kind of understand the mindset behind it. Folks are frustrated, and well, quite a lot of the time, there's a ...
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14 votes

Penalties for continuously closing questions for a bad reason?

To an extent - you need multiple users to close a question unless its a moderator, or a gold badge dupe close. If a question is closed, there's already a sort of oversight, by multiple users. This, ...
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13 votes

Should moderators override the community's "reopen" votes?

Yes, moderators can and should do the actions you describe. One term used to describe the elected moderators is "exception handler". That means that they handle things that the community ...
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11 votes

Close the question with reason

What part of the close reason that was embedded in the post was difficult to parse out? This question is not framed in psychology or neuroscience. It is based on assumptions which are not made ...
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8 votes

Can I voluntarily cast a single close vote despite having a gold badge?

You can't. Same problem that mods have really. I tend to just wait for 3-4 votes and do the final one if I'm not sure
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6 votes

Penalties for continuously closing questions for a bad reason?

JG did a good job explaining the mechanics, but I wanted to address the comment you highlighted. I think the comment is totally fine - they’re saying: I (and a few others) don’t think this is a fit ...
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4 votes

How to easily access your "saved for later"/duplicates list when voting duplicates

The searching for the duplicates in the Vote window is unfortunately not good enough Simply add in:saves to your search query, and the results will automatically be restricted to questions in your ...
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3 votes

Close votes on "review first questions"

Even though you can't vote to close, you can flag as 'Needs improvement' - that will put the question in the Close Votes review queue if it isn't already there, and other users with enough reputation ...
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3 votes

Let's not vote-to-close staff announcements that we disagree with (please?)

TL;DR: I agree with the OP that it is legit for Stack Overflow staff to post annoucements here, even if they are not seeking input or discussion. And I'll try to explain. Imagine a big restaurant, ...
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3 votes

Comment notifications for close voters: regression from 2018?

After a semantically unrelated issue came up, I ended up figuring out why this works the way it does. Basically, the description in Shog's answer which is used as the source for the FAQ in question ...
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2 votes

A low rep user identified me as voting to close before the question was closed. How is this possible?

It seems I overreacted. He was just guessing and didn't even guess correctly. Should frivolous questions about esolangs be on topic?
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1 vote

Let's not vote-to-close staff announcements that we disagree with (please?)

I used to do this quite a bit in the past, for the exact reason Journeyman Geek on Strike mentioned: We use meta in a few off-label ways - including announcements, and I'd argue in many of these ...
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1 vote

Allow hitting tab to go to Vote to Close button in Vote to Close dialog

status-completed? It's possible. But if there's anything in the tab navigation "path" in between, such as a link in a flag reason's description, you will need to tab past those first.
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