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First of all, this proposal is extremely difficult to understand, since it's not very clear exactly what you are requesting. Closing a question doesn't stop it from being seen on the main page, by the way. It seems like you want it so that when OP edits the question, it's immediately reopened until people reclose it. This is an extremely bad idea for various ...


Migration, ideally needs a *great* question, asked... on the wrong site. We don't want to just throw anything off topic over the fence - we want the other site to be enriched by the migration and something added to the commons. That seems pretty exceptional to me, and every so often you have an unusual migration, like Super User to Writing ;)


If I look at the data here on MSE (10K only), I see that since the start of 2021 17 questions have been migrated away from MSE. That would boil down to no more than 80 questions a year. Since March 25th over 45 questions have been deleted. That is more than 10 per day, or over 3,5K per year, or 45x times more often than a migration. So yeah, migration is an ...

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