Secret Hats Live updates during the Winter Bash can be found on this Google Doc (edit link can be found in the chatroom), discussion in this chatroom. All criteria listed are official. Don't Wanna Taco 'Bout it Edit or suggest an edit to 5 posts in a single UTC day, without commenting on the post 180° Vote to close a question, be the first to edit the ...



Regular Hats I Am Your Father Ask, answer, or vote on the meta site In case of a post, the post must have 0 or positive score. Running Ragged Earn 150 reputation points on three different sites (not including Stack Overflow) within 15 days. Does not include the association bonus. The 150 reputation per site must be earned within a 15-day period. 011 ...


Secret Hats Click on each of the hats for a larger image. Ooh, Shiny! Flag a question for closing, cast a close, delete or reopen vote on a question. You don't have to be the last vote, and hammers work. Cosmic Brain Earn the Nice Answer badge. [Answer score of 10 or more] Galaxy Brain Earn the Good Answer badge. [Answer score of 25 or more] Universe ...


No description needed :)


Secret hats for Winter Bash 2018 Click on each of the hats for a larger image. Retro Fan Vote on a post (question or answer) more than 1 year old. Discussed and tested in this chat. The Merlin Earn an Enlightened badge. James Bond Post an answer scoring at least +7 with 0 comments on the question and 0 comments on the answer. Waffles1 Post 15 ...


Secret hats for Winter Bash 2020 Note: please do not edit in a trigger unless it is confirmed by an employee to be correct. Vexillologist Raise a helpful flag. (not figured out yet) Note: There was a bug in the hat trigger that resulted in the hat being erroneously awarded to users. All hats awarded prior to 2020-12-16 21:37 (UTC) were revoked and re-...


If it does, I'm not excited for it. To me, that would paint the picture like everything is fine, the community is happy and we can all enjoy the winter festivities. It's like pretending that nobody got hurt, as if no harm was done, and as if the biggest problem Stack Exchange, Inc. and the community has right now is picking which hats to add. That would be ...


Knitting the logos! Can you guess them all??? :D Older versions are saved in the image links list (edit to see them).


Regular Hats In celebration of the 6th anniversary of Winter Bash, some of the most beloved hats from previous Winter Bash are making a comeback. (Stack Overflow Blog) The year and name of a hat's previous appearance are noted below each hat. Click on each of the hats for a larger image. IDENTIFICATION DIVISION earn a silver badge from 2015: Amazing Grace ...


Tribute to the fallen diamonds


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I was (mainly) responsible for picking hats this year. When this hat was first introduced in 2014, there was a comment on the Secret Hats post from that year mentioning this concern but it doesn't seem that any action was taken to correct it. When I looked into the past for hats to use, the trigger for this caught ...


Here are some reasons why a hat may or may not have been awarded even though it seems that shouldn't or should have been the case. The example hats given here are completely fictional but totally realistic. Leeway on date-based hats Unless the requirement mentions a specific timezone, hats that are date-based are often awarded for 14 hours before and 12 ...


Common hats for Winter Bash 2018 Click on each of the hats for a larger image. Scarf Ace earn the Guru badge Glasses With A Number On Top starred chat, ±12h from Jan 1, 0:00 UTC It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy wear 6 hats, changing hats here in 6 days proposed by Edlothiad Six-Cornered Hat earn the Necromancer badge proposed by Brian Peacekeeper 20 ...


What better to draw in the winter bash header then a scene from a winter bash header! Here is the header from 2015 for reference:


YOU. SHALL NOT. PASS!!! Reject a suggested edit as spam, eventually leading to the deletion/destruction of the user's account.


Winter Bash Invaders OK, you guys wanted one with hats...


I found this secret hat today I found a new secret hat, not happy...


No-one has knitted an ugly christmas sweater yet? Someone mentioned unicorns. Full credit for the idea of using unicorns instead of deer goes to Catija


The Merlin says Reinstate Monica


A tender moment between siblings as the older sends the younger off to protect Hyrule.



Help I can't get mine to run! EDIT: I just couldn't unpick the Wool Reference Exception I was getting, so on schohe001's excellent suggestion, here is winterba.sh too :)


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!


Keep cross-site hats This year there were two hats, Polymath and Running Ragged, for non-trivial participation on multiple sites. A few years ago there was a hat for asking (or answering?) on a new-to-you site at some score threshold (don't remember the details). Hats like these encourage breadth, which is good -- Stack Exchange has more than 160 sites, ...


I wouldn't hold my breath. Back in January, months before the current sequence of train wrecks started landing on us, there were signs that hats had overstayed their welcome, so to speak. We basically have been rehashing the same thing every year for a while now, the concept is growing old, and ideas for new, interesting hats have grown scarce. In addition, ...


I have my drawing tablet this year... it's meeee with red eyes Human Stack Exchange/Overflow twins I thought of last year Two more characters of my own creation. Guess who? (I tried, really I did, but I'm not the best at real people) I made a thing today, (one of the characters from above) and wanted to make it in the knitting so...grayscale! (not my ...


I know it's not perfect. A perfect rendition would have more white space on either side of the content :P


Bugs Bunny - Hillbilly Hare


I was trying to see which hats I earned last year, but couldn't. Please add the ability to see my hats from prior years.

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