On the network-wide leaderboard, the secondary sort is by the number of total hats across all sites (as opposed to distinct hats). You can see that number in the tool tip if you hover over the hat count in the list. Alexander O'Mara has 105, alecxe has 98, Eran has 92, and you have 73. On the site-specific leaderboards, the secondary sort is arbitrary.


Nothing will change at the Winter Bash page (https://winterbash2018.stackexchange.com) after Jan 1st. The main WB page and the leaderboard will display as is until the SE team redirects it to the Stack Overflow Contest site later in the year. The pages will stop updating after Jan 1st since no new hats can be earned and the ranking shown on the leaderboard ...


Those numbers are indeed the ranking of the people, based on the number of hats they have collected. As you can see, there's two people with 29 hats, so they're sharing first place. That means the people with 28 hats have two people above them on the list, so they share 3rd place, and then we move on to the fifth entry on that list, because there's 4 ...


They are called as Standard competition ranking ... each item's ranking number is 1 plus the number of items ranked above it. This ranking strategy is frequently adopted for competitions, as it means that if two (or more) competitors tie for a position in the ranking, the position of all those ranked below them is unaffected (i.e., a competitor only comes ...


It's possible that you had Balalaika and Disciple which put you at 11 hats, then the hats were removed as part of the fix for incorrectly awarded hats.


Because you're shown at the top of the list, and then again where you actually are in the list. So if you're top dog, you're listed twice. So for me, I see this: And if I scroll down far enough, I'll see my own avatar at spot #40. And now I'm #1 on Windows Phone (sorry):


There used to be such a user: (Google cache from November 3rd 2020) However this now leads to 404 Not Found which means the account has been deleted. So most likely the user did have account while playing Hat Dash, and deleted it only later.


The cache time is five minutes, but a stale cache may be served for up to an hour. That means if the cached data is less than an hour old, you'll get an immediate response with that data, and an update will be triggered in the background. So if you wait for a moment and then reload the page, you should get fresh data (or at least data that's not older than ...


To answer that, we need to investigate how the network leaderboard decides which per-site profile to link to. When I clicked on your profile there it took me to IPS, where you've been a member for...about six months. (I guess it doesn't go to the network profile because there are no hats there.) I looked at my own, which takes me to Mi Yodeya, my oldest ...


Yes, they are. People with the same number of hats are tied for x-th place. E.g. Monica and David are tied for 5th place, so there is no 6th place. There is some kind of tiebreaker for the total number of hats earned, this matters for the order but not for the 'rank' in the leaderboard. Since there are more people with a low number of hats, the gaps will be ...


Whatever was wrong, it's working now, and Alexander O'Mara is currently number 4 on the SE leaderboard:


What do the numbers on the Winter Bash leaderboard mean? The ranking is based on different hats collected, with totals hidden. Last year the "Rank" was determined by two factors: 1. Different hat types + 2. Total hats owned. For example: user "alecxe" has 72 hats total and user "eLRuLL" has only 56 hats total - but both have 29 different hats. Thus alecxe ...


In the SE top leaderboard, you have the following element: <div class="sb-hatcount-num fs-title"> <span title="23 distinct hats across all sites, 32 hats total">23</span> </div> The class fs-title, has the following attribute: .fs-title { font-size: 1.61538462rem!important; } While in the top stack overflow ...


You are getting a result, But it's so down, you think it doesn't affect the page.. When I search Jon skeet at the Stackoverflow leaderboard, and scroll down, It is there.


status-completed The first entry is highlighted now, separating your standing from the list that follows: Previously it looked like this:


On SE the size is much bigger, and another element named div.sb-hatcount-num.fs-title: Whereas on SO it's a different element div.sb-hatcount-num that is smaller:


That is because not all hats are won on a single site. In example above, you've won 18 unique hats on SO and 23 unique hats on SE overall. EDIT: On analyzing the code behind, this seems to be intentional. The developers have used fs-title class along with sb-hatcount-num for the network leaderboard page whose font-size is around 1.62 times that of the ...

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