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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 474
those questions which have no up-voted or accepted answers.
× 474
available to users with a reputation of 10,000 or higher.
× 460 provides a way to monitor activity across multiple sites in the Stack Exchange network using customizable filters.
× 458
held to choose moderators for all graduated sites and some long-term beta sites.
× 457
For discussion about the explicitly commercial advertising that appears on this site (if any), as well as the Community Promotion Ads which are voted on by users of each site.
× 442
For questions about the public lists of changes made to posts by a site's users. They are available for questions and answers by clicking the "edited X min ago" link, and on tag wikis as "history" and…
× 439
The global inbox contains information from across the entire network, including hot questions, a list of all sites, an inbox of @responses directed at you, and notifications of badges and ending bount…
× 438
A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag. Please be specific about which tag should be a synonym of which. Bidirectional synonyms and cycles are implicitly disallowed, so suggest wisely.
× 430
The standard editor for Stack Exchange posts, which supports a live preview of Markdown syntax.
× 427
For issues regarding the help center of Stack Exchange.
× 425
for issues of what is allowable or desirable in question titles.
× 420
a set of tags that can be marked by a user. The questions that have favorite tags will be highlighted, and can be monitored using Tag Sets.
× 417
about the quarterly creative commons data dumps of all public data in the Stack Exchange network Q&A sites.
× 416
For questions about the syntax highlighting performed inside code blocks on Stack Exchange sites.
× 413
for questions about the favorite question feature - indicated by the star under the voting arrows on a question. For questions about favorite tags, use (favorite-tags) instead.
× 411
Questions about sizes and other quantities of Stack Exchange sites, e.g. number of questions, GB/day transferred, etc.
× 410
blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.
× 408
Hot Network Questions in the right-hand sidebar, the “hot” tab on each site, and on
× 398
For questions about any of the emails sent from Stack Exchange sites to their users.
× 391
For questions related to the sort orderings of questions, answers, and other lists on SE sites.
× 391
Questions relating to the suggestion or request for one or more new badges
× 390
when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why.
× 345
For questions about the Stack Exchange API. Consider checking the API documentation and the Stack Apps site before posting your question here, it might have been asked before already.
× 340
For questions regarding display names and what is allowed in them.
× 335
Flags that have been declined by a community moderator.
× 335
Use with [meta] to request that a tag here on Meta Stack Exchange be removed. Use in case of uncertainty when requesting discussion, or when the popularity of the tag makes manual retagging prohibitiv…
× 328
The process by which high-reputation users and moderators can vote to delete a post from the site.
× 314
Questions also answered by the user asking, easily marked by the shaded user card attached to the answer.
× 313
For questions about the user named Community ♦ present on Stack Exchange sites.
× 310
the act of casting many upvotes or downvotes on the posts of a specific user without proper reason. Also known as voting fraud.
× 305
Users may only earn a certain amount of reputation each day, with the exception of reputation coming from accepted answers and bounties.
× 303
For questions about linked accounts
× 302
regarding flagging comments as rude or offensive, no longer needed, or in need of moderator intervention. Also, for questions regarding the number of flags of a certain type required for automaticall…
× 289
the act of temporarily blocking the account of a specific user.
× 287
For questions about or problems with a user's network profile.
× 283
For general questions about the Winter Bash (or holiday hats) celebration at the end of the year. Please consider using the year-specific variation, e.g. [winter-bash-2018] if it's solely about this y…