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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 196
For questions which focus on the live refresh features such as vote updates and new edit, answer, and comment notifications.
× 195
For issues with how Stack Exchange sites look or work that are specific to Google's Chrome browser.
× 195
processed and rendered by the system.
× 194
fetched and displayed on the Stack Exchange network. This is not for general Gravatar support inquiries.
× 192
Content posted as an answer that doesn't actually answer the question at hand may be flagged "Not an Answer". Note *bad* answers are not eligible for this kind flag.
× 189
For posts about security issues centered around Stack Exchange. If you think you found a serious security vulnerability, please report it on the Security page found at…
× 189
Questions about the licensing of content on Stack Exchange sites.
× 188
for questions about Stack Exchange RSS feeds (existing or proposed) and the bot in chat that posts messages when preselected RSS feeds are updated
× 188
For questions about fostering a sense of community amongst users of Stack Exchange sites
× 188
The new navigation system, in beta test as an opt-in feature on Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange
× 187
A feature of StackExchange chat, "oneboxing" automatically inlines links that are posted on a single line by themselves.
× 185
is used for questions relating to how information is displayed to Stack Exchange users.
× 184
Questions about the live Markdown preview of posts as they're being typed.
× 184
off topic on the site it was asked may be migrated to a different StackExchange site as part of being closed as "off topic", if the users voting to close felt it was good enough to …
× 182
Stack Exchange's own OpenID provider, used for "log in with Stack Exchange" and potentially used for logging into other OpenID consumers.
× 181
The flagging summary page shows a summary of the flag history for currently logged-in user.
× 179
For questions about timestamps that appear in notices and tooltips upon hovering those notices.
× 178
For questions about the badges awarded for specific tags.
× 177
The component of the SE post editor that allows users to upload images to and display them in the post.
× 176
Newsletter service, introduced in July 2011, dishing out the top posts of a Stack Exchange site
× 174
a JavaScript engine for displaying mathematics, available on some Stack Exchange sites.
× 172
is for questions about being notified of Stack Exchange events by email.
× 172
Some changes to questions, such as edits or receiving new answers, will "bump" them back onto the site's front page where the changes can be vetted by other users. **Do not use this tag to bump questi…
× 170
answers that are barely more than a link to another page.
× 169
For questions related to user privacy.
× 169
Indicates that the feature request or bug is something that is intended to be implemented or fixed, but not in the near term.
× 169
manner of conducting oneself in regards to the characteristics/expectations of Stack Exchange
× 167
For questions about old questions.
× 165
The "Private Beta" period of a new Stack Exchange site is a limited time period during which only users who have expressed interest in the site's proposal can participate.
× 165
a subset of privileges available to moderators and users with high reputation
× 165
For questions about the copyrights of the Stack Exchange sites themselves or about the posting of copyrighted material by users.
× 165
For discussing spelling-related edits, asking about preferred spellings, or reporting spelling problems on the site itself.
× 162
Reverts a post to the previous edit version, if any exists.
× 159
If you don't want to see everything, you use a filter. This tag is for any questions about filtering in Stack Exchange sites.
× 159
Questions that involve systematizing, suggesting, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct on Stack Exchange
× 159
for questions about the official use of Imgur's service to handle image uploads for Stack Exchange.