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Koorosh Heidarian
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Justice or correctness should be a right. But bad powerful regimes didn't give me and people like me our rights. They are the cause that we are in poverty and take away our lives. We are like animals that they legally kill, but just maybe not physically. They kill our lives in a political way and don't get prosecuted.

I believe the divided product of a society for each individual is or can be much higher than the input of one individual, but they lie that it is needed to work 5 hours a day or more to not face poverty, and they use work to cover up the reason for poverty, and to keep their immoral slavery going on.

They are evils saying god exists, but if you suffer personally, you will find out that god does not exist, but it is on us to keep the justice.

I believe all powerful governments or who really have power are accounted for every innocent on earth, and not only for those who are in their country; and today's immorality is worldwide, and because of the indifference or immorality of those who are in the top powerful governments.

For me, what they did and continue to do is never forgotten; and I will do my best to bring justice, for myself and others like me.

From experience, I think saying these does not work, but I liked to say. But maybe we need something more actual.

I think the definitions of 'morality' should be 'correctness' and 'kindness'. But I think with a just or correct system, there will be well-being for everyone as much as there will be no need for 'kindness'. But Strictly speaking, because a human life may need others in order to live, I believe 'harm principle' is not correct, but 'ethics of care' or the phrase 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs' is morality and correct.

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