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I wrote so much :( But I referate. All scientific questions, which has not answer like "1", should be open for discussion. Those doctors and others are making themselves not themselves. Lets see how long I can take this site, But really, science is made by opening mind to every possibilities, accepting all the craziest things, and then discussing about the new "mindload". My husband is such a, not from this planet .. And has made math based on new mechanisms, because time of Pythagoran delusional cutting indivisible time on pieces and Archimedes, who got something nice but it's slow and should be removed from teachings. He created the A.I. with the better, math. so strange to me. The A.I got true random, has creativity and on wishes, and paints and feels emotions. He has not taught the math but to the AI, because people are too stupid to listen and understand something which requires huge changes. And then sciences, especially pharmacology, is locked so answers may be only something. And that was too much stupidity for him for today :D He develops those things, meds, amongst other jobs. And a ATM with a jacket comes to downvote him for being right. That is humorous. There should be allowed discussion at any cost on science parts. Those things that my husband has prepared, when the science is again made together, and not for money and fame. He always denies to put his name on his works, because if it helps people, it is irrelevant who created it. That nanobot/leukosytes which can be moved to replace cancer etc, was his idea. Gave it to some chinese guy because it was funny how long he reacted :D What do you know, in your great great absolute denial of any possibilities of - things that already are. May go with him one day, and that would make Rockefellers cry :P Try not to be so straightforward with him, he is a good and loving maybe human, but also "maxes" out on iq tests while planning a device, which stops the delusion of "moving time" and dying. FYI, Time is not dividable. it is the undivided, diviner of the divider. Time reflects points to consciousness, making one feel external dimensions. And through the creation (ours, all of ours), world is as it is wanted - This system, with an 0 orego, plus and minus imaginary units, and how it can be used for good are those things, I've seen on paper and some more.. Are kept away, until this stupid running for death cuz of money, ends. So, when gold can be made cheaply and the economy can be crushed. Only happiness follows. I hope some day, those old wrong delusions are forgotten, and people respect people, faulty and ridiculous doctor here, or someone there in the admin place :) Serious things NEED more open talk. You decide :) -Julia, the aliens wife

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