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Top Dental Trends In 2021

The dental industry has seen rapid growth over the years. People actively take care of their oral hygiene, prompting industry giants to keep awake trying to better present technology. Gone are the days when a dental appointment caused shivers down the spine. With current dental technology, your next appointment might just put a smile on your face.

Laser technology has taken the dental world by storm. It's useful in repairing cavities, removing filling, reshaping tissues, and accelerating teeth whitening procedures. Medical lasers come with many benefits, including reducing pain and speeding up healing post-op. The treatment also eliminates long-term bacteria.

Consumer needs have also seen a shift, with people leaning towards more natural products for oral hygiene. The savvy dental patient prefers natural, clean, and sustainable products, from herbal toothpaste and mouthwash to bamboo toothbrushes. There's also a "vegan" toothpaste in the market free of artificial colors or added sugars. Another natural oral health trend that's emerging is taking oral probiotics.

Teledentistry is yet another vital trend that's changing the dental scene for the better. Virtual healthcare enables patients to attend dentist appointments from the comfort of their homes. That goes a long way in improving access and convenience. The good thing about virtual dentistry is that it's just as good in diagnosing and creating treatment plans for regular dental health issues like cavities.

Century Smile Dental is a modern patient-oriented Culver City dental clinic. We leverage current technology to deliver the top-of-the-line dental services you deserve. From general to cosmetic dentistry, we can handle it all. Talk to us and schedule your dental exam or procedure.

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