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Jean-Georges Perrin "jgp" is a technology leader focusing on building innovative and modern data platforms at PayPal, president of AIDAUG, and author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning). He is passionate about software engineering and all things data. His latest endeavors bring him to more and more data engineering, data governance, industrialization of data science, and his favorite theme, the Data Mesh. He is proud to have been recognized as a Lifetime IBM Champion. Jean-Georges shares more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry as a presenter and participant at conferences and publishing articles in print and online media. His blog is visible at When not immersed in IT, which he loves, he enjoys exploring Upstate New York and New England with his wife and kids.

#Knowledge = 𝑓 ( ∑ (#SmallData, #BigData), #DataScience) U #Software.



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