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When Should You Consider Dental Extraction?

Did you know that you can prevent dental extractions by practicing good oral hygiene, including visiting your dentist every six months? The thought of going through dental extraction procedures is chilling and alarming. While your natural teeth are meant to last you a lifetime, there are some situations when tooth extraction may be deemed necessary. Common reasons for dental extraction include:

Dental crowding - A crowded mouth means that there is inconsistency in the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Decay, infection, or injury - your tooth may be damaged by periodontal disease or by physical injury. Sometimes, damaged teeth cannot be restored by other dental replacement procedures- in that case, you are advised to undergo tooth extraction to prevent infecting the other adjacent teeth.

Additionally, patients undergoing organ transplants or chemotherapy have compromised immune systems; therefore, any infected tooth should be removed. After your tooth extraction, following your dentist's instructions and recommendations is the only sure way to a smooth healing process.

A certified and experienced dentist should perform dental extraction to avoid complications. If you are considering tooth extraction and are looking for a specialist dentist in Woodland Hills, contact Facial and Oral Surgery Institute and meet our oral surgery expert Dr. Navid Senehi, a dual degree holder highly trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery, wisdom teeth removal, dental implantation and extraction, and other oral and facial operations. Talk to us today to schedule your appointment. We will be happy to help you.

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