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Welcome here!

Hey! I'm Marcel, and I'm a hobbyist software developer, wanting to influence the world, at least a little.

A quick overview of my skills

I consider myself a beginner frontend and desktop developer. I am enthusiastic about React and JavaScript in general. I know HTML, a little of CSS, and the basic syntax of JS, a little more than that. Then, I have knowledge in C#, Kotlin, Python, heritage Go.

What am I interested in?

Web development is the main preference, as it is the most influencial in the modern world. Well, somebody had to design this very website, right?


Q: Am I boring? A: Well, I have nothing to tell you, so, kinda 🤷‍♂️

Hangout with me

  • My Discord: arsk11
  • Look at my posts on Reddit: u/MrArsikk
  • Roast me for my coding on GitHub: its-mrarsikk
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