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Hello, my name is Kevin Barr. I am an older cisgender believing male who has been living as a daily-practicing (prayer and Bible study) generic Protestant Christian for decades. I was supposed to gain a college education and become a corporate-career following member of the American middle class, but I rejected all of that and learned about life and God the hard way, which included several years living in rescue missions. So the scholarly focused requirements and language used on this website is difficult for me, but I am learning the value (and limits) of this approach to studying God (forcing scoped objectivity onto Q&As makes for a good textbook reference, but at the possible expense of losing Spiritual discernment).

I have posted an "About Me" page online with specifics about the life experiences that have shaped my beliefs at a site I have created to describe my views on various Christian topics:

I am not attempting to force my layperson's views on anybody there, but if someone wants to explore my "street smarts" interpretations please feel free to read the letters I wrote on that site and send me a message at the email address I mentioned there. But keep in mind that site is more about one person's Spiritual discernment, not a peer-accepted and accredited theologian's view. The first two letters "Peace and Godwill For All", and "What Is The Bible?" should have value for anyone considering what to think about God.

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