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Among the 8 billion people in this world, thanks for finding me!

I am zhengliw. Currently, I'm still pretty young. I have a strong interest in computer stuff (really, there is no other word describing this better) already since I was little, like 5 or something. I was really proud that I could type with a keyboard significantly faster than all my classmates. At that time, I already figured out how to use Windows (XP) and some Office programs. I've also known about basic usage components of a desktop PC, which just means that I know where the HDMI and where the USB cables go. Although my only device available to me back then is an 2009 iPad, I've always asked my parents to allow me to carry it around when we visit somebody, just for that extra flex. Still now, I am a half Apple fan, but prefer Android and Windows for their mostly open nature. Sorry, I got a bit too excited. Back to the topic.

At the age of 9 or 10 I think, I finally decided to make my first step into the professional direction and picked up a book for the C programming language. As you can see, I am somebody who loves to stand out. From all the languages I could have chosen, like Python or I don't know, HTML, I had to force myself to deal with all the pointers and segmentation faults. That's also when I realized that I still need to learn a lot of things about OSs and PCs and just solely typing fast or knowing how to use Office and Windows was not enough. So, I embarked on my journey with computers.

At this time, I've already got some knowledge with C and pre-last year (2020), I've also gotten my hands onto basic Python knowledge. I obtained some knowledge about open-source software and also, suprisingly, desktop Linux. I started to have basic understanding of how a PC and its components works and even built one in 2021 myself. I am now confident to mess with my PCs BIOS and my OS's deepest, secret settings and potentially break them. I don't even know how and where to keep writing. I feel like I've learnt so much in this three years from 2020-2022! Compared to back then when I didn't even know where to get a compiler for C, this is an absolute huge advancement.

In the future, I hope that I can keep learning new stuff and definitly not have a high salary with informatics and computer science. My next step for now, for 2022-2023, is to use my free time and learn some computer vision basics, since I've always found this really cool (for showing off).

Yeah, that's probably all I got. If you've read this far, I wish you a great future and of course,

Happy coding!


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