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Ward - Trying Codidact
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126 votes

Today's inappropriate ad: Playboy model on Biology

112 votes

Does continuing to talk about Monica actually do her any good?

99 votes

Kind, courteous, inclusive, intolerant of bigotry, racism, etc. Fine, I agree. Now what about my feelings as a mod?

78 votes

Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes

47 votes

Where do we go from here?

39 votes

To stay or to quit: a conflicted user's guide

35 votes

Is this an appropriate place to call for the resignation of an SO employee?

34 votes

How does Stack Overflow plan on increasing traffic and user base of other Network sites?

31 votes

How wide/narrow does SE consider activities related to Monica?

30 votes

How can the prohibition on pronoun avoidance possibly be enforced?

24 votes

Does deleting your profile and starting a new one violate any rules?

23 votes

Please don't allow computer-generated content

22 votes

Let's not have hats on Meta Stack Exchange for 2019

18 votes

Where was that blog post about misreading technical communications as a personal attack?

18 votes

Determining who downvoted a question or answer

16 votes

Is the voting and reputation system sustainable? How can we improve it or maybe it should be replaced?

15 votes

Another take on the down-vote, no comment problem

14 votes

Are suspensions considered infallible?

13 votes

How can we put pressure on Stack Exchange Inc. without damaging the community?

13 votes

"Votes cast" should include votes on deleted contributions

12 votes

How does someone get to cast more than 40 votes in a day?

12 votes

Remove review audit for 20K users who have all badges in that queue

12 votes

Has stirring the pot reached the point of being counter productive?

11 votes

Encourage people to "Pay it forward"

10 votes

Is there a different standard for Christianity.SE?

10 votes

Could you provide a tone of a community in addition to the description? Perhaps a link to a wiki page for each community?

10 votes

What should be done here on Meta in case the close vote queue gets filled with questions?

9 votes

Proposal for an "answerable by me" button

8 votes

What does the self-requested reinstatement of two Workplace moderators mean for the community?

8 votes

Former moderators still shown on