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37 votes

Understanding Suspension Reasons

15 votes

User basically takes your answer, posts it as his own and accepts his?

14 votes

Should bounty be returned if there is NO answer at all?

10 votes

Stackoverflow is too popular. How do I get new questions answered?

9 votes

What is accepted practice for explaining your answer?

8 votes

Common wrong questions on SO

4 votes

Why would I be told it's too late to change my vote when I have yet to cast a vote?

4 votes

Where do you see SO in five years?

3 votes

Merge singular and plural tags

3 votes

The feature to detect duplicate when asking a question is more efficient than the search

3 votes

Handling "Problematic" Stack Overflow participants

2 votes

To whom should we give credit?

1 vote

Can we reduce the amount of numbers on the homepage?

0 votes

What's your up/down vote ratio?