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130 votes

Focusing on race, gender and sexuality makes minorities feel exposed and unwelcome

111 votes

What are the next steps we as a community should take?

87 votes

Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio

35 votes

What is Stack Overflow's plan for continued growth as a company in 2020?

28 votes

Checking in with "*Monica*" users

23 votes

Is SO/SE about to be sold (and does that explain recent events)?

21 votes

Have we already had discussions about how to function more effectively in such a culturally diverse online community?

15 votes

SEI's recent business decisions and concerns about its long-term financial stability and growth

13 votes

What effect does the current crisis have on the SE network?

13 votes

The company’s commitment to rebuilding the relationship with you, our community

11 votes

Is Stack Exchange in the later part of the methodology cycle?

7 votes

How do users escalate concerns about an abusive employee?

4 votes

Is It Time To Decentralize?

4 votes

At what other sites do people discuss Stack Exchange?

3 votes

If we do something about the "sandmen" I might consider treating newbies with kid gloves

3 votes

As a regular user, what is my incentive to continue to contribute?

2 votes

Is the voting and reputation system sustainable? How can we improve it or maybe it should be replaced?

2 votes

Nominations: New Stack Overflow Moderator

1 vote

Users need to be able to remove themselves and all their data from the site

-1 votes

What is StackShare, actually?

-1 votes

How should I refer to the OP?

-2 votes

Prevent questions with movie/tv shows/game spoilers from appearing in the hot questions list

-11 votes

Should the weight of downvotes be increased?