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As I believe in openness and not hiding what I have said, this is my answer that has just been deleted due to the "thought police" not liking it, see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/336361/132223

I am one of the many people who StackExchange (the company) would rather did not exist as I question their concept of enforced politically correctness, however they have not yet used their power of removing me from their network.

I will allow other people to judge from my activities on the network over many years if they are right.

Their reaction to this answer that was deleted by a member of their staff for being offensive has confirmed that I am unlikely to every be truely welcomed in their network and hence am unlikely to every wish to be a moderator on any of their sites. If you have enough rep in meta.se you can view the answer and decide for your self.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compelled speech gives a overview of legal cases the cover the right of a person not to say something they believe to be incorrect.

https://standpointmag.co.uk/issues/november-2019/discussions-with-a-stone-wall/ gives a overview of how bad this has got in the UK with “gender self-identification” resulting in some lesbians leaving the LGBT movement due to being made to feel unwelcome

Robert Harvey who until resently was a moderator on StackOverflow and one of the most respected contributor have explain the background to the changes in StackExchange much better then I could ever:

My email is FirstName@LastName.name (replace as needed)

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