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Smart quotes in parentheses point the wrong way ("example") ["tst"] {"tst"}

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WMD editor bug: German keyboard layout - "@" creates blockquote section

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Wrong asciification of name in profile address

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Can't post result alone surrogates because of jQuery raising "malformed URI" bug (Firefox only)

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How do I write a URL in a comment without making it a link?

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Purpose of joining multiple words in tags with hyphens

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Why are my questions not attracting answers?

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How does StackOverflow reduce/prevent spam while allowing unregistered users to post?

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What what? [regex] badge error?

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What's up with this website? It came out of nowhere

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Why are there so many JavaScript errors on SO itself?

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Is it fair that a post in Jeff's blog will send your rep over the roof?

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corrupted `code` formatting after posting new question (on SO)

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URLs in comments are truncated if they contain certain punctuation characters