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301 votes

Is the Stack Overflow source code available?

262 votes

My God—it's full of unicorns

92 votes

Age limit is too strict

68 votes

Google doesn't know how to count

54 votes

Answers quickly deleted by owner should be permanently deleted

51 votes

Pressing Enter in comment box unexpectedly submits form

42 votes

Inline links in comments

41 votes

How are the number of views in a question calculated?

40 votes

Please ditch all of the share icons - they give me nightmares

37 votes

Why is there a limit on suggested edit reputation reward?

30 votes

What is "" and why do they have copies of SO data?

30 votes

Implement the Hacker Badge

28 votes

If downvoting is so important, why does it cost reputation?

27 votes

Thanks a lot for this post ... and other first time user curiosities

27 votes

Can we have backticks in comments back, please?

23 votes

False negatives when validating notification e-mails ("widespread sloppy coding establishes a [stricter] de facto standard than the formal standard")

22 votes

Account suspension for answering questions well?

19 votes

Is it my responsibility to search for duplicates & vote to close before answering?

18 votes

Is [homework] an exception to the no-meta-tag rule?

18 votes

Increase minimum reputation required for posting an answer on SO

17 votes

Why isn't stackoverflow using www in the URL?

16 votes

"Software tools" in FAQ is too hazy

15 votes

٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ Forbid unicode?

15 votes

Can moderators / high-rep users delete revisions from the revision history?

14 votes

Conspicuous homework tag

13 votes

Support anchor names in posts

13 votes

Why does the Stack Overflow sitemap.xml use a user-agent whitelist instead of a blacklist?

13 votes

Adding discipline to

12 votes

Confirm dialog when an interesting (or ignored) tag is to be deleted

12 votes

Should one downvote an "average" question just because it's highly upvoted?

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