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23 votes

Why does SE want to get my friends list when I try to use Facebook's OpenID?

15 votes

How to edit profile on all Stack Exchange sites?

13 votes

What to do if I need to ask a question which should be discussed, not answered?

12 votes

Can more be done to stop off topic Facebook questions?

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iPhone home screen icon for Super User is hard to see

10 votes

Why can't I get reputation for accepting my own answer?

9 votes

What timezone is used on SE sites?

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Keyboard shortcuts, phase one

5 votes

Site mechanics do not support upvoting

4 votes

Not given reputation points for received upvotes

3 votes

How can I know which question should be asked on which Stack Exchange site?

3 votes

Experimental Stack Exchange /faq Improvement Project

2 votes

Please award reputation equal to a user's age on their birthday as a gift

0 votes

Accept Rate in User Page